Shipping Fulfillment and Logistics

How are we going to get that replacement Powertrain product to you? Here are some things that you might like to know:

  • Our shipping rates and policies are universal throughout the contiguous 48 states of the USA. Shipping outside of the “lower 48” states of the USA is available by special quote
  • Our shipping cost to non-residential locations is included in every quote
  • We ship from several distribution points across the country to help ensure the fastest delivery
  • We utilize multiple companies to ship our products to help get you the best rates and service. Not every shipper offers the same services in different regions of the USA
  • Orders are often fulfilled as soon as same day. Fulfilled means the order is processed and staged for shipmentIf your product is “out of stock” your sales agent will keep you updated on its ETA.

Important Details About Shipping & Ensuring Delivery:

We use 3rd party shipping companies and they are very strict regarding responsibilities. You should know what is expected from you and why it is important.

  • Correct Ship To Address and Contact Information
    If you have given us incorrect info, the shipping company will, most often, return your product to their terminal. They will not automatically attempt to find the correct information and often cancel the shipment. Often times we are not notified of this for days or even weeks
  • Delivery Inspection
    Freight companies require inspection for damage BEFORE someone “signs” for the delivery so open the box and take a look!  When damage is reported after the delivery driver leaves the location, the freight company will deny all responsibility for the damage. YOU become responsible. 
  • Receiving the Delivery (off loading from the truck)
    Your Powertrain order is going arrive in a 4’x4’ container and will weigh anywhere from 150 to 550 lbs.

Need a Forklift or Liftgate?
If you do not have a “forklift” available we can arrange for the delivery vehicle to be equipped with a “lift gate” for unloading purposes. BUT WE NEED TO KNOW that you need this. Once it is off of the freight truck the delivery driver will, most likely, not move it around for you so be prepare

  • Special Location Deliveries
    Large items, such as engines, transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials, are delivered via tractor-trailer (small semis). There are “tight” locations where these vehicles become impractical: Long rural driveways, alleyways, cul-de-sacs, dead-end streets, gated entryways, and even apartment complexes are a few common examples of special locations

If we know that you need this type of delivery option we can help insure that your order gets delivered  If we don’t know then there is a good chance of a non-delivery situation