Powertrain Company is proud to offer an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty.  While the Manufacturer handles warranty issues directly, our team is here to assist and will help you at each step of the process. Since Powertrain Company supplies certified OEM remanufactured powertrain products, you can experience peace of mind knowing that your engine and transmission meets an/or exceeds manufacturer’s original specifications.

In the rare situation (less than 3%) that your engine or transmission should experience issues our knowledgeable warrantee team will be able to guide you through the warranty process.

Since our product offering includes both engines and transmissions, specific warranties may vary. Call our toll-free number and speak with a qualified warranty specialist, or click here for more information.


3 year, 1000 mile warranty.

Standard Warranty
Protection “SWP”

3 years/100,000 miles, $50 per hour labor reimbursement rate (Standard Mitchell Rate Book). Labor to be paid only on approved claims after factory inspection.

3 year, unlimited miles warranty.

No Fault Warranty
Protection “NFWP”

3 years/Unlimited mileage PLUS $50 per hour labor reimbursement rate (Standard Mitchell Rate Book). This warranty is honored regardless of the cause of failure. If required, first time long block replacement is FREE.

Please note, under any warranty only a Licensed Automotive Repair Facility (LARF) may perform installation and warranty repairs. Do it yourself (DIY) installs will invalidate the warranty.